7 Habits of Highly Effective Dogs

We studied the world’s most successful and highly effective dogs to find out their secret to productivity and success. The following list is based on a survey of 1,291 dogs in business throughout the world.

1. Create a brand

Successful dogs portray themselves exactly the way they want to be seen. They spend many dog-years carefully crafting and growing their personal brand so they can stand out from the other 83.3 million dogs in United States households. (Data source)

2. Set goals and priorities

It’s easy to get distracted by vanity metrics, side projects, laser pointers, or tennis balls. The world’s most successful dogs reach their goals by keeping their own and their teams’ attention focused on the biggest goals and priorities.

3. Never stop learning

The most successful and smartest dogs got to where they are through curiosity. They don’t wait for commands. If they want to roll over or play dead, they learn to do it on their own.

4. Help others

A true canine leader helps others grow and become successful. By mentoring and leading other dogs around it, the leader gains respect and admiration from the pack.

5. Be ambitious

Average thinking leads to an average dog. The canine leaders of this world got to where they are by thinking ambitiously and out of the box.

6. Be healthy

Ever wonder how successful dogs find the time to go outside at least once a day? They make the time because they understand that maintaining fitness and visiting the vet regularly is an investment. That investment pays back through increased productivity, lower stress, and greater happiness.

7. Don’t check email in the morning

If you’ve ever emailed a successful dog you probably had to wait a long time for a response, if you even got one at all. Why? Because successful dogs understand that email is a distraction. They check emails only once or twice per day, and ruthlessly delete unimportant emails. This leaves more time to tackle problems that really matter, such as growing their business or urinating on things.