How Content Businesses Can Boost Revenue with Cartoons

If you want your content business to make money, which, let’s face it, you do, having a website is not enough. No, you need to bring eyes to your website.

However, as you most like already know as well, page views are not enough either. To really make bank, you have got bring eyes to your site and get those eyes to do what you want them to. This conversion rate is, for most of us, the easiest way we can evaluate the effectiveness of our websites. And, a very good way of increasing your conversion rate is by using cartoons.

Cartoons Increase Traffic to Your Site

Good cartoons are funny cartoons, and bringing humor to your site, as I wrote about here, makes business cents (sense). Humor works, I wrote, because it:

  • Breaks stress
  • Gives morale a lift
  • Creates trust and builds relationships
  • Is a vital important ingredient to creativity
  • Makes everyone a little bit more human
  • Helps organizations stand out from their competitors

Since the above was written to explain how humor works in the office, there are a few reasons humor works that I’d like to add to the list now that we are talking specifically about using cartoons to drive people to your site and then converting them into doers/followers. These additional ways are:

  • Cartoons help you brand your business and your site
  • Cartoons strengthen calls to action
  • Cartoons communicate quickly

Cartoons work because humor works. People enjoy humor because it works on an emotional level by giving us a variety of emotions and thoughts. You and your content business need to take advantage of man’s need to laugh.

Building Your Brand with Cartoons

Perhaps you think your business is too serious to be branded by cartoons. Well, think again. After all, consider, just for a moment, the humble insurance lizard. That little cartoon Aussie sure has branded a business.

 You too need to brand your content business. Otherwise, people will not have a reason to visit your site, nor will they have a reason to stay on your site if they happen to stumble upon it online.

 Strengthening Calls to Action with Cartoons

Some of the most famous and effective calls to action in the history of the U.S., have been cartoons. The iconic Uncle Sam and Smokey the Bear have and still call on us to, respectively, join the Army and prevent forest fires.   

A more recent call to action, the little blue bird, gets thousands if not millions of people to sign up for other people’s twitter feeds each and every day.

What is your call to action? How can a cartoon call to action grab the attention of visitors to your site? How can a cartoon call to action get those people to follow through? Figure this out, and you’ll soon be eating Top Ramen for nostalgic reasons only.

Cartoons Communicate Quickly

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words for a reason. Pictures communicate much more quickly than do words. Using pictures and words to tell your story, cartoons can share your message more quickly and effectively than can words alone.

Tips on Using Cartoons

Now here comes the BIG FAT CAVEAT to using cartoons on your content business website: only use cartoons that wholeheartedly support your site’s message. With that said, the tips on using cartoons are:

  1. If you have to ask yourself if a cartoon is a fit to your site, leave it out. A mismatched cartoon will confuse visitors to your site. Do not confuse visitors.
  2. Do not steal cartoons. Always obtain licenses to reproduce them, and always add the copyright information to your website.
  3. Optimize the cartoons by resizing, sharpening, and, if need be, compressing them so that they view well on your site.
  4. Optimize the cartoon for improved search engine results by tagging, alt texting, and saving it as correctly.


Remember, the formula to increasing your content business’ revenue is simple:

Attract visitors + Convert Visitors into Doers/Followers = Revenue

And remember that humor in the form of cartoons is a powerful branding, people-driving, visitor-converting tool.

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